Helen Gilbert

Therapist pic

MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy
MA Creative Writing and Personal Development
Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor:
UK Council for psychotherapy

I have been working in the ‘helping professions’ since 2002 supporting people individually and in groups with difficulties such as addiction, loss, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Since training as a therapist I have worked in private practice, primary care (NHS), alcohol and drug treatment, and with people estranged from their families.

I see psychotherapy as a process of paying careful attention to the individual experience, offering a space of listening and reflection. My approach is to see therapy as a unique experience with each client, an ongoing deepening conversation which allows the individual to connect with their feelings and life stories then explore why they might feel and act as they do.

I draw from a range of theory (psychoanalytic, existential and phenomenological) in order to deepen my understanding of the individual difficulties faced and, in the context of a relationship of trust and respect, offer my interpretation and support.

Some of the distress and difficulties experienced by people I have worked with include:

Grief, family estrangement, drug & alcohol addiction, depression, loss of direction and confidence, loss of faith, creative blocks, relationship problems.

I am also able to offer creative writing as a therapeutic tool which can form a part of my individual therapy practice. I also offer reflective writing groups as a series of workshops. This can offer a different approach to exploring self and relationships.

Papers presented: 'Should love be unconditional?' A paper exploring the experience of family estrangement.

Sally Parsloe


LLB AKC MSc. (MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy.)
Accredited Psychotherapist:
UK Council for psychotherapy (UKCP)
Member of the Society of Critical Psychotherapy. 
Family Solicitor (from 1987) LLB
Family Mediator FMC (from 1999)
Couples Therapist 


I have been working with people in crisis since 1985 as a family and children solicitor, family mediator, professional workplace mentor and supervisor, and as a therapist. 

As a therapist I integrate existential and post-modern concepts, so that no-one is pre-defined before they walk in the room and possibility can be explored in safety.

I believe that the person exists before the ‘problem’, that any life crisis is unique to the individual, and requires a unique hearing. In being heard you may hear, understand and accept more of yourself and thus be enabled to live more comfortably.

My realm of professional expertise is with those who are troubled, particularly as a result of:

*Abusive or neglected childhood and adult experiences (which may be sexual, physical, emotional or verbal)
*Family/relationship breakdown.
*Loss and bereavement.
*Anxiety, despair and depression.
*Stress, burn out and bullying in the workplace.

Lectures/Courses given.
Oxford University. Anxiety. 2015
Roehampton University. Working with victims of Domestic Abuse. 2016
Nottingham University. Empathy and Anger in Complex Family Mediation. 2016.
Research dissertation: Anxiety. 2015
Integrating modalities in working with family breakdown. Resolution Journal. 2016
Romance and Murder, UPCA conference 2018.