We are bound by ethics of strict confidentiality. Your identity and the content of the work that we are doing together are totally confidential. 

The only exception to confidentiality may be when:

• a child may be at risk of abuse,
• there is a risk to your own or another person’s life.


Initial consultation

An initial consultation session costs:

£60 per session in West London 
£70 per session in Central London

At this session we will answer any questions you have about the way in which we work, the expectations of the work, and on-going fees. 



Our ongoing fees are between £50 and £80 per session depending on location and have to be paid at each session. Missed sessions must be paid for.

Some lower fee sessions are available in special circumstances. Please ask if you think this applies to you.


Normally you reserve a particular time slot each week, for example, Thursdays at 4pm. This is then seen as your weekly session until counselling ends. Each session lasts fifty minutes.


We have rooms in Kew, West London, and at London Bridge and Baker Street in Central London.

We are also starting a new practice in Brighton.